Thank you for visiting this web site. My name is Les Coveney and I am the Director of Savant Technologies. We provide expertise in the tools for obtaining laboratory data, ensuring its quality and transforming it into meaningful information. That expertise is delivered through consultancy and problem solving, by auditing and inspection, and by the provision of training workshops.

Since 1991 we have been providing assistance with the management of testing laboratories in the UK and overseas, in both short term work and in longer term projects. With experience acting for both National Accreditation Bodies and organisations working towards accreditation, we can provide a high degree of expertise in the operation of laboratory management systems.

In these pages you will find an outline of the services that we offer. If you find them interesting we hope that you will contact us so we can explore with you further how we might help to make your business more effective and successful. For more information please email Me or use one of the telephone numbers to the right of the page.

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