Transition to ISO 17025:2017

A new edition of ISO 17025 was published at the end of 2017, replacing the 2005 version. Whilst there are no significant changes in the technical requirements, the new version does bring an important culture shift through it’s increased flexibility¬† and emphasis on continuous assessment of risks and opportunities.

At first glance this emphasis might appear as just another beaurocratic requirement, but in due course it should enable accredited organisations to shape how they implement the requirements of the standard in their laboratories. It could impact on frequency of calibration checks, audit schedules, training requirements and a host of other activities that currently are enacted prescriptively.

ISO 17025:2005 will cease to be valid from 30th November 2020 and all accredited organisations will need to complete the transition before then. Accreditation bodies are presently making their transition plans known to accredited laboratories – see the UKAS and INAB web sites for details and the change will mostly likely be processed through annual surveillance visits.

At Savant Technologies we are updating all our training materials to reflect the changes to the ISO 17025 standard, and a ‘Transition to ISO 17025:2017’ workshop is available now.