Testing laboratories have an obligation to demonstrate their competence in the tests offered as a service to their clients. Formal recognition of that competence is gained through accreditation to the ISO 17025 standard that was updated in 2017. Accreditation is administered in the UK by UKAS and in Ireland by INAB and these bodies are part of the world wide multi-lateral agreements through the EA and ILAC.

With twenty years experience in the field, Savant Technologies offers training and assistance to laboratories in the UK, Ireland and overseas that are preparing for external assessment, and those that are seeking to maintain and develop their quality systems. The services provided include training in the requirements of the international standard, auditing of the quality systems, preparation of documents and records systems and general support of the quality system. One aspect interest is the development and use of Flexible Scopes of accreditation, incorporating generic test procedures.

We have a strong interest in operation and use of Proficiency Testing schemes, and in the accreditation of these to the international standard, ISO 17043.  We are able to give guidance to organisations undertaking such schemes , partcularly on some of the statistical aspects, and also in the accreditation of Reference Materials production to ISO Guide 34.

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