Statistical Tools

More than ever, the analytical laboratory must be able to show that its tests results are of the highest quality. Savant Technologies offers applied training and consultancy in the statistical tools that will assist laboratory staff in the validation and performance testing of methods, and in their quality control strategies.

Training is presented in a range of flexible packages, designed to meet all individual and business needs, so that it will equip laboratory personnel for the demands of the modern laboratory. The contents take in to account general guidance, such as ISO and Eurachem documents, as well as sector guidance, such as DWI and MCerts. A strong emphasis is placed on practical examples with delegates’ own material used where possible. The workshops presently available are listed here and comprise an introduction to statistical tools, and a workshop on the estimation of mesurement ubncertainty.

Through our consultancy we provides expertise in a broader range of topics that will enable an organisation to develop a coherent and co-ordinated approach to the handling its laboratory data. The topics in which assistance may be given include:

  • Evaluation of performance analytical methods
  • Design of and operation internal quality control
  • Estimation of measurement uncertainty
  • Selection of and use of data from proficiency testing schemes
  • Operation of Proficiency Testing Schemes

To discuss your laboratory’s specific needs please contact us by email or telephone.