Testing laboratories conduct audits to monitor their compliance with their own processures and with accreditation standards. Savant Technologies can provide effective audits to show whether laboratory meets internal and external requirements and to provide a reliable assessment of a laboratory’s capability and competence.

Internal audits are carried out on behalf of a laboratory to ensure compliance with ISO17025 and the organisation’s own management system and procedures. Customer audits focus on whether the implementation of ISO 17025 requirements in contracted laboratories fulfils the actual requirements of a specific customer.

Training can also be provided for organisations developing their own auditing team. The one or two day Auditing workshop is built around the requirements of ISO 17025 but is adaptable to meet the requirements of particular testing sectors e.g. asbestos inspection, DWTS, MCerts, Forensic laboratories. It can also be adapted for Proficiency Testing providers and Reference Material producers. Details of the training workshops can be found here.

Savant Technologies auditors are trained and competent with the requirements of ISO 17025 and the other standards. They are also conversant with the operation and  requirements of chemical and microbiological testing.

To discuss your laboratory’s specific needs please contact us by email or telephone.